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Top Graduates is a subset of Career Australia Success. It is a platform where graduates and employers meet. Graduates can share their profiles to employers during their job hunt, whereas employers have access to the richest pool of graduates where they can select their best candidates. The site also allowed both sides to organize and customize their dashboard, which tracks down and records their application and recruitment process, making every task more convenient.

Brand Identity

Unlike other job search platforms, TopGrads provides a personal and tailored experience for their users.



Tone: Casual,Reliable, Friendly, Upbeat, Supportive, Approachable 

TopGrads placed themselves differently from other job search platforms as they are much more transparent with their internal process. The platform completely changed the way graduates perceived the job search process from being stressful to a much more relaxed and manageable task.

Direction : Instagram Posts

I was responsible for brainstorming the art direction and posts for Top Graduates Instagram account most of the time. With the aesthetic part, I realized that design consistency and simple layout are essential factors to consider when designing each post. The consistency helps maintain a strong brand image, and there are specific color palettes that I have to make the audience associate with Top Graduates.

Keeping the visual elements as simple as possible is related to understanding our “cognitive load.” We live in a digital era where consuming media at such a fast pace is so common that it is crucial to create a post that instantly grabs your audience’s attention.


By understanding cognitive load, I can reduce the number of contents to just the essential part. I became more aware of the message and visual elements designed for each post. The text should be short, concise, and on-point.

Most of the posts I designed have text that are easily digestible for the readers .Using simple words suggested that the platform is suitable for everyone.

Such as a single liner that speaks to the audience  "Is your tassel worth the hassle? ."

Approach and Takeaways

Having a chance to plan social media content, I learn to observe my own media consumption behavior, which I usually unconsciously do. I learned to recognize the media pattern presented in today’s digital platform, such as making polls and votings on Instagram stories to allow engagement and raising discussion topics that open up a different perspective from the audience. This also allows our audience to perceive Top Graduates as approachable and casual, creating a good customer relationship and a chance for us to collect data for further improvement.

Branding and social media assets

Project Summary :

Participated in the social media launch of TopGrads and translated brand identity into visual assets

Tools: Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Illustrator

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